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Performance Art

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Are you passionate about the world of performing arts? Jobeling is here to connect you with the most exciting performing arts job opportunities. Our platform specializes in bringing together talented performers and those seeking to hire them. Whether you’re a mime artist, a storyteller, a stilt walker, or a magician, Jobeling has the perfect gig waiting for you.


Top Performing Art Talents


Unleash your creativity through the art of mime. Captivate audiences with your silent storytelling and imaginative performances.


Transport your audience into different worlds with the power of storytelling. We're looking for wordsmiths who can weave narratives that enchant and captivate.

Stilt Walking

Elevate your performances—literally—by embracing the art of stilt walking. Showcase your balance and coordination while towering above the crowd.


If you have a flair for the mystic and a talent for illusions, then our magician jobs are your stage. Jobeling helps you showcase your sleight of hand and showmanship to amaze and astonish.

Our Top Talent's Success Story

performance art

Alex Sterling

Alex Sterling is a charismatic and dynamic performance artist who captivates audiences with his extraordinary talents. With a passion for the stage that has burned bright since his childhood, Alex has honed his craft to become a true master of the performing arts.
His specialty lies in the realm of contemporary dance, where he effortlessly blends elements of classical ballet with modern interpretive movements. Alex’s performances are a mesmerizing fusion of fluidity and strength, as he gracefully tells stories through his body’s expressive language.

Explore Diverse Performing Arts Roles

At Jobeling, we understand that the performing arts encompass a wide spectrum of talents. From actors and dancers to musicians and comedians, our platform caters to all forms of artistic expression. We’re here to help you find the perfect job that aligns with your unique skills and passion. Dive into a world of opportunities and let your talent shine.

Connect with Like-Minded Artists

Jobeling isn’t just about jobs; it’s about community. When you join us, you become part of a vibrant network of fellow performers who share your dedication and enthusiasm. Collaborate, exchange ideas, and create unforgettable experiences together. Your journey in the performing arts becomes richer when you connect with those who understand and appreciate your craft.

Seamless Application Process

Applying for performing arts jobs has never been easier. With Jobeling’s user-friendly app, you can browse through a curated list of opportunities, submit applications, and showcase your portfolio—all in one place. Our goal is to simplify the process so you can focus on what you do best: wowing audiences with your exceptional talent.

Your Success Story, Our Priority

When you succeed, we succeed. Jobeling is committed to nurturing your growth as a performing artist. We provide resources, insights, and support to help you enhance your skills and expand your horizons. Your journey is unique, and we’re here to empower you every step of the way. Join us on Jobeling and let’s create a success story together.

Stay Informed and Inspired

In the ever-evolving world of performing arts, staying informed and inspired is key to success. Jobeling offers resources, articles, and updates to keep you in the loop about industry trends, tips, and opportunities. Join us, and you’ll be part of a community that fosters growth, learning, and continuous inspiration in the performing arts.


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