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Benny’s instrument of choice is the piano, and he possesses exceptional proficiency in both classical and contemporary styles. His fingers effortlessly dance across the keys, producing melodies that touch the deepest emotions of his audience. His compositions range from hauntingly beautiful ballads to energetic and uplifting pieces, each showcasing his remarkable creativity and technical prowess.

But Benny is not just a solo artist; he thrives in collaborative environments. He has a knack for seamlessly integrating his music with other instruments and vocalists, elevating any musical project he's a part of. His ability to adapt and innovate within different musical contexts makes him a sought-after collaborator for both live performances and studio recordings.

Beyond his musical talent, Benny is known for his professionalism and commitment to his craft. He approaches every project with unwavering dedication, ensuring that the music he creates is nothing short of exceptional. His dedication to his artistry and his ability to connect with fellow musicians and audiences alike make him an ideal talent for any music-related endeavor.


Folk and Indie


Acoustic Guitar, Vocals


Exceptional Ability to Connect with Listeners

Dedicated to Finding the Perfect Musical Partnerships


Slim and Energetic
Soulful, Melodic, and Authentic
A captivating smile that lights up the stage
Expressive Hazel
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