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How to Become a Model in 2023

You’re not alone if you’re in high school or college and have always wanted to become a model. There are thousands of young men and women who want the same thing. But what does it take to become a model? Let’s dive right in!

Get a great portfolio

how to become a model

Creating a portfolio is the first step to becoming a model. A great one will be essential to getting you noticed by the right people and ultimately landing jobs.

A good portfolio should include:

Professional photographs

There are many photographers out there who can take amazing shots, so make sure yours is one of them! This can be pricey if you need help finding one, but it’s worth it because it will ensure that all your photos look their best from start to finish (and beyond).


You want at least two or three different types of shots in your portfolio: headshots (full body), full-length shots (from head-to-toe), and action shots (walking/running/moving). Having more than this will help give potential employers more variety when deciding which models they want working with them on projects.
Be sure not only includes photos taken at different times but also locations; this helps show off different styles while highlighting what kind of person they might hire based on personality traits revealed through clothing choices made during each shoot session.

Build your network

One of the most important things you can do to build your modeling career is to network. Not just once or twice, but constantly. Networking is a lifelong commitment that will pay off in many ways. By downloading Jobeling, you can get access to 100+ modeling agencies and send your resume with just a swipe!

It’s not just about meeting people and making connections; it’s also about being professional and polite when you do so! It would help if you were ready to build relationships with everyone, from photographers and agents to top models like Gigi Hadid (or whoever else might be inspiring you). You also need to be prepared for networking in person, online, and on social media- all three methods require different strategies!

Follow up with your portfolio and network

how to become a model

Follow up with your portfolio and network. Feel free to reach out to people. If you want something, don’t be pushy about it; ask for help or advice and see what happens. Don’t let rejection get you down! Remember that if one door closes, another one opens–so look for new opportunities in different places!

The most important thing is not being afraid of saying no when necessary (and yes: sometimes saying no is necessary).

Do not wait for the phone to ring

You will only get work if you put yourself out there. Many models wait for the phone to ring or for an email from their agent with a new job opportunity. Why wait when you can match immediately with your favourite agencies right from your pocket? Download Jobeling to experience the magic yourself.
To become a model in 2023, you must be proactive about your career instead of reactive. You need to be confident in yourself and believe in your abilities–because if others don’t see them yet (and sometimes even when they do), then who else can? 

It would help if you also were willing to take risks; this doesn’t mean doing anything crazy like jumping off buildings or scaling tall structures–it means taking chances at auditions or on casting calls where there might be fewer clients present than usual because it’s such short notice (or none at all).

For example: if someone asks me, “Are there any good restaurants near here?” my answer is always “Yes!” even though there may not be any within walking distance right now because I want them to feel comfortable enough so that later down the line when s/he comes back again after having eaten elsewhere first time around then maybe they will think twice before making the same mistake again next time around too…

Networking is a lifelong commitment

how to become a model

Networking is a lifelong commitment. It’s not just about getting jobs; it’s also about building relationships with people in the industry, as well as people outside of it.


If you want to succeed as a model, you must network with other models and photographers. They can help you out and give advice when needed.


If you want to become an attractive candidate for modeling jobs or photo shoots, networking with photographers will be beneficial because they will see potential in your work before anyone else does!

Other Industries

Models often have connections within different fields, such as fashion design or acting (think about how many famous actors started as models). You can use these connections as leverage when trying to land gigs with other companies outside of the fashion/modeling industries; you can get some new clients through them too!

Prepare yourself emotionally and mentally

Whether you’re just starting or have been modeling for years, preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for the work ahead is important. The more prepared you are in this regard, the better equipped you’ll be to handle anything that comes up in your career, including things like rejection or criticism from others (or even yourself).
If this sounds daunting at first glance, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways for aspiring models to prepare for these situations: take some time each day before going out on shoots or auditions; try practicing meditation; read self-help books; etc.
Just make sure whatever approach works best for each person doesn’t involve drinking heavily while listening exclusively to angry punk music while driving too fast down winding mountain roads late at night while texting various friends about what an awful day they had at work today because no one understands how hard their job is…

Becoming a model requires a lot of self-work, but it’s worth it!

To become a model, you must have confidence and be willing to work hard. You need to be able to take criticism, accept rejection and learn from your mistakes. Most importantly, though, you need to be able to see yourself as beautiful no matter what anyone else says or thinks about you!


As you can see, becoming a model is a challenging task. It requires much work and commitment, but it’s worth it! If you follow these tips and guidelines, your chances of getting signed will increase dramatically.
Want to speed up your hiring process in the modeling industry? Wait no longer. Just download Jobeling today and get started towards working your way to the top as a professional model!

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