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How to Get an Acting Job in 2023

How to Get an Acting Job in 2023

Getting an acting job is never easy, but it can be made a little more manageable by being prepared. To help you prepare, here are some tips from Jobeling for getting started in the world of acting.

Try to Win an Award for Acting

Winning an award for acting is important because it helps you get your name out there, and if someone sees your name and thinks “Hey, that person won’t embarrass me,” then they’re more likely to hire you.

So how do you win an award? First of all, don’t pay money for fake awards. Second of all, make sure that the award show isn’t just trying to sell tickets–if it’s free or low-cost entry but still requires submission fees or expensive tickets (or if there’s no clear reason why anyone would want their name associated with this particular event), then it might be a scam! And thirdly: submit early! Some contests have deadlines as early as December 1st (or even November 1st), so don’t wait until after Thanksgiving if at all possible!

Get a Job at a Local Theater

One of the best ways to get experience as an actor is to work at a local theater. You’ll learn how to act in front of an audience, work with other actors and directors, get used to performing under pressure and have your performance critiqued by people who are experts in their field.

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This is an invaluable resource for any aspiring actor looking for work in Hollywood or New York City.

Take Your Own Photos, Then Edit Them

If you want to be considered for acting jobs, you need to have good photos. This is especially true if you’re going to be submitting yourself for roles in film and television. In fact, many casting directors will not even consider hiring someone without a headshot (a photo of your face).

If you don’t have any experience taking photos of yourself or others, start practicing now! You can take your own photos with a camera phone or tablet device–or ask someone else who knows what they’re doing. Make sure that the lighting is flattering on your face and body; practice getting rid of shadows under eyes or blemishes by using editing software like Photoshop; post-editing should always be done before sending off any submission materials!

Make Sure Your Profile Looks Good

As a job-seeker, you need to make sure your profile looks good. This means having a good picture taken and also having a resume that highlights your skills and experience.

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You should also have a cover letter written by someone in the business who knows what they are doing (a professional writer). If possible, get an agent who can help you find acting jobs or representation as well as negotiate contracts on your behalf.

Crafting Your Headshots

Your headshots are your first introduction to casting directors. Invest in high-quality headshots that capture your essence and versatility as an actor. Ensure they are up-to-date and reflect your current look.

Creating a Compelling Resume

Craft a well-structured acting resume that highlights your experience, training, and skills. Tailor it for each audition to emphasize relevant experiences.

Approach Agents and Managers in Person

If you want to get an acting job in 2023, you’re going to have to approach agents and managers in person.

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Asking for advice is always a good place to start. You’ll learn how they approach their roles as representatives of talent, which will help you understand what they look for in an actor or actress.

If you want more than just advice–and who wouldn’t?–you should also ask them directly if they could recommend any jobs that might be right for you. They may not know of any opportunities yet (and even if they do), but this will show them that your interests and ambitions are aligned with theirs; it will show them that working together would be mutually beneficial; and it will give both sides something concrete from which further conversation can grow when those opportunities eventually arise!

If all else fails, ask if there’s anyone else out there who might be able to help get into the industry: maybe another manager at another agency who doesn’t represent anyone similar to yourself? Or perhaps someone else entirely…

Talk About Your Experience Acting Publicly and Privately

If you want to get a job as an actor, it’s important that you talk about your experience acting publicly and privately.

You should be able to talk about your acting experience with people you know and with people you don’t know. You should also be able to talk about your acting experience with other actors and actresses as well as directors, who are both involved in the production process of movies or television shows.


1. What Are the Essential Steps to Kickstart an Acting Career in 2023?

To begin an acting career in 2023, start by honing your skills through acting classes, workshops, or local theater groups. Build a portfolio with headshots and a resume showcasing your experience. Networking, attending auditions, and leveraging online platforms can also significantly help.

2. Is Having an Acting Degree Necessary to Get Hired in the Entertainment Industry?

While a degree in acting or theater arts can provide valuable training and opportunities, it’s not always mandatory. Many successful actors have succeeded through practical experience, workshops, and on-the-job learning.

3. What Platforms or Websites Can I Use to Find Acting Auditions and Casting Calls?

Several online platforms like Backstage, Casting Networks, and Actors Access regularly post casting calls for actors of various skill levels. Additionally, social media, industry newsletters, and talent agencies’ websites often announce casting opportunities.

4. How Crucial is Networking in Securing Acting Roles?

Networking is incredibly vital in the entertainment industry. Building relationships with directors, producers, fellow actors, and casting directors can lead to referrals and opportunities that might not be publicly advertised.


As you can see, there are many ways to get an acting job. The most important thing is that you are willing to work hard and take risks. We hope this article has been helpful in encouraging you to pursue your dreams! Looking for an acting job yourself? Say no more. Just download our app from Play Store and App Store, apply for available positions and kickstart your acting career.

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